How to become a Consumer Representative

Thank you for your interest in being a consumer representative with HCCA.  Your nomination will be forwarded to the Consumer Representatives Coordinator and to the Consumer representatives Steering Committee for consideration.



Please ensure that the information you provide is relevant to the committee or the issues you have expressed an interest in and that it makes your experience as a consumer representative clear.  This will assist the Consumer Representative Steering Committee in making a decision on the most appropriate and suitable person for each representative position.


Disclosure of information


The information you provide in your nomination form, CV or other documents will be made available to the Consumer Representative Steering Committee to select the successful nominee.  The Consumer Representative Steering Committee is made up of two members of the Executive Committee and two experienced consumer representatives.  In the case of Ministerial appointments or other strategic committees, HCCA’s Executive Committee is responsible for the selection.  Members of these committees are bound by HCCA’s Privacy Policy.  The committee responsible will select the successful consumer representative or, in the case of Ministerial appointments, will recommend a nominee or nominees to the Minister.  Once this selection has been made, members of the Consumer Representatives Steering Committee or the Executive Committee are asked to confidentially destroy their copies of selection material or to return them to CHF marked as confidential for shredding.


Unsuccessful nominees


If your nomination is unsuccessful, your nomination will be kept on your file.  These files are kept confidential.


Successful nominees


If you are successful, your nomination form will be kept on the confidential file related to the committee that you have been selected for.  Your name and contact details will be forwarded to the requesting body, with a brief statement in support of your nomination based on the information provided in your nomination form.  In some cases, your CV will also be sent to the requesting body.  We suggest you think carefully about the information you provide in support of your nomination so that you do not provide sensitive personal health information that you do not wish to be disclosed to the organisation requesting the consumer representative.  We will publish your name and the committee in Consumer Bites.


If you would like any assistance in preparing your nomination, please contact the office for support on 6230 7800.


All nominees are required to complete our nomination form.