How can I become a consumer representative with HCCA?

HCCA is always looking for new consumer representatives. If you are interested in advocating for a better health system for all, please consider joining HCCA. Please note all HCCA consumer representatives must be  members of our organisation, and have completed consumer representative training.


Being Endorsed to a Committee


Once you have completed a nomination form, your nomination will be assessed against our selection criteria. Most nominations will be put before the HCCA Consumer Representatives Program Steering Committee for their consideration and decision as to the most appropriate nominee to take on the role. The CRP Steering Committee endorses consumer representatives who are capable of reflecting the viewpoints and concerns of consumers, and persons in whom HCCA has confidence.

The CRP Steering Committee consists of two members of the HCCA Executive Committee, three experienced consumer representatives and two HCCA staff members. If you are nominating for a very high-level committee or a committee of strategic importance for HCCA, your nomination will be assessed by the HCCA Executive Committee. The endorsement process may take up to four weeks. All members of HCCA are bound by our Privacy Policy.



CRPSC members

 L-R: Pat Branford, Alan Thomas, Bill Heins, Caitlin Stamford, Nick Wales, Marion Reilly and Adele Stevens


If you would like any assistance in preparing your nomination, please contact the office for support on 6230 7800.


All nominees are required to complete our nomination form.