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This site containts a range of up-to-date and quality assessed information on important health topics such as diabetes, cancer, mental health and asthma.



If you have an urgent health concern and don’t know what to do, call the after hours GP helpline on 1800 022 222 – for free health information and assistance from a registered nurse, or medical advice from a GP if you need it.



walk in centre

The Walk-in Centre provides fast, free one-off advice and treatment for people with minor illness and injury. The service is open from 7am - 11pm every day of the year, including Christmas Day and New Year's Day.
No appointment is necessary. The Centre is located at Canberra Hospital (enter from the Yamba Drive entrance and follow the signs). Children under 2 years and people with
complex or serious conditions should see their General Practitioner.


find a health service
On Monday, 26 September 2011 the ACT Chief Minister, Katy Gallagher, launched the ACT Health Directorate's online services directory.  Consumers can search for services by location or by a health service category and can tailor results according to service operating hours.




Who is a health care consumer?



A health care consumer is anyone who uses, has used, or may use any health or health related service.  It is not limited to those currently using a service.  The terms "patients" and "users" generally apply only to those currently undergoing some form of treatment.


Consumers contribute in unique ways to the discussions around health care service provision because their focus and background differs from that of health service providers and medical practitioners.


Health consumers accrue experience of the health care system simply by going about their daily lives.  Consumers have dealings with GPs, surgeons, oncologists, haemotologists, physiotherapists, nurse practitioners and a range of other specialists.


A 1998 Consumer Focus Collaboration discussed the importance of involving health consumers in decision-making about their own health care, asserting that the consumer contribution "cannot be overlooked [because] they have walked the walk."



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