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Health Care Consumers' Association of the ACT (HCCA) provides training for people interested in becoming consumer representatives. The training is free and conducted in a relaxed atmosphere. People share their views and experiences of health services in the ACT, and learn about consumer participation and how it benefits the health system. Participants meet experienced consumer representatives and hear about the consumer representative role first hand.


Excerpts from training evaluations:


"Speakers engaged the trainees at their level - exchanges between equals - which meant that there was no barrier to the absorption of the information by the trainees." 


"Hayley's presentation on Day 2 was inspirational."


"Great session - great objectives and session outlines." 



The training consists of four modules across two days:


  • Module 1- Understanding the Representative Role:
    This module includes discussion on consumer participation and consumer rights, the roles and responsibilities of being a representative and consumer representatives stories.

  • Module 2 - Diversity in Representation:
    This module looks at networking and how to obtain consumer views. It provides tools to enhance your representative role and how HCCA can support you in the role. It outlines the nomination process and guidelines for representation

  • Module 3 - Committee and Presentation Skills: This module looks at how committees work and provides information about the different committees in the ACT health sector. Learn how to prepare for meetings, get noticed and how to put your case and influence the agenda.

  • Module 4- The Context for Representation - HCCA and ACT Health:
    This module explains how HCCA works and how members are involved, it looks at the ACT Health system, the current consumer priorities in ACT Health and how decisions are made in the system.

The training course runs several times per year, in March, May/June and September. If you would like more information about the training or to register your interest contact the office on 6230 7800 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



Photostrip for training

Committee Vacancies


HCCA Consumer Representatives Program Steering Committee


 The HCCA Consumer Representatives Program Steering Committee is responsible for the following:

- Considering all nominations received from consumer representatives and selecting the most appropriate candidate for the committee vacancy
- Providing direction to the CRP, including providing advice on any emerging issues arising from the CRP
- Reviewing the activities of the CRP and making recommendations for improvement


For more information on the business of this committee, please see the Terms of Reference above. The HCCA Consumer Representatives Program Policy is also uploaded above to give you an idea of the scope of the program.


Meeting Details
This committee meets once a month for two hours in Hackett. The first meeting for the new members of this committee will be in December 2014. The meeting dates and times for this committee will be determined by the availability of its members. Lunch is provided.


The selection criteria for this committee are attached. In addition to this, members of the Consumer Representatives Program Steering Committee will be expected to do some work out of session, including reading all nomination forms and any additional material provided to assist in the selection of consumer representatives to committees. In line with the CRP Policy, the deliberations of this committee are strictly confidential and members of the committee must not share information discussed in meetings.


Nominating for this Committee
If you would like to nominate for this committee, please complete a nomination form on our website here: http://hcca.org.au/consumer-representatives/nominate-for-hcca-consumer-representatives-program-steering-committee.

Nominations close Wednesday 22 October. All nominations will be put before the HCCA Executive Committee for their consideration. Please refer to the selection criteria above when completing your nomination.



DonateLife ACT Clinical Advisory Committee

This committee provides advice on clinical issues, risks and proposed changes related to organ and tissue donation clinical service delivery in the ACT and surrounding region. They also advise the DonateLife ACT Consumer & Community Advisory Committee on hospital-based clinical and service delivery issues in the ACT and surrounding region. For more information on the business of this committee, please see the Terms of Reference above. For more information on DonateLife ACT, please see here: http://www.donatelife.gov.au/donatelife-australian-capital-territory.

Meeting Details:
This committee meets bi-annually in May and November on the third Friday of the month, alternatin between the Canberra Hospital and Calvary Hospital. The next meeting will be Friday November 21 from 9:00am to 11:00am.

There are no special requirements for this committee. This committee may involve out-of-session work as required.

Nominations for this committee close Monday 27 October. All nominations will be assessed by the Consumer Representatives Program Steering Committee against the Required Competencies for a Consumer Representative. Please see the nomination form here for more details.



Conference Sponsorship Positions


 There are no conference sponsorship positions at this time. Please check back soon.





Consumer Representatives Program

The Consumer Representatives Program is a focal point for both consumer groups and government for the nomination, training and support of consumer representatives. It provides skilled representatives to more than 50 committees across the ACT health system.


The Program provides training, policy support and resource materials for consumer representatives, establishes channels for representatives to feedback to the community and identifies potential nominees for committees and advisory boards.


Why a consumer representative?


Representatives are people who use healthcare have particular knowledge not otherwise available to policy makers. They ensure health service users have input into policies and direction and remind committee members that the public interest is of primary concern.


What is a consumer representative?


A consumer representative is someone who is endorsed by the Health Care Consumers' Association of the ACT (HCCA) to represent the views and interests of health consumers.


HCCA consumer representatives have experience of health services primarily as consumers of services. They commit to being well informed about relevant health issues and representing a broad range of consumer views by ensuring they are accountable to others through HCCA and/or other community groups.


For more information about consumer representation click to the Consumers' Health Forum of Australia (CHF)http://www.chf.org.au/ . Health Care Consumers' Association of the ACT Inc is a member of CHF, which is an independent member-based non-government organisation providing a national voice for health consumers.