Committee Vacancies

The ACT Gene Technology Advisory Council

The Gene Technology Advisory Council (GTAC) investigates issues relating to Genetically Modified (GM) food plants and provides advice to the Minister and ACT Government. In addition, the Council is asked to investigate matters referred to it by the Minister for Health and provide advice in relation to research trials, issue of licenses and current developments in relation to gene technology.

Under subsection 11(2) of the Act, the GTAC consists of eight members, appointed by the Minister for Health, on the nomination of organisations such as Health Care Consumers Association.

This committee requires a good level of knowledge of gene technology. It rarely meets face to face, however its members regularly receive documents for comment via email. The successful applicant will be able to access, read and return comment on documents using email. If this committee interests you, please submit your expression of interest to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call on 6230 7800.

If you are interested in this opportunity please contact Kate on 6230 7800 as soon as possible.


There is a vacancy for a consumer representative on each of the committees below. These vacancies close on Monday 26 June, 2017. Click here for the HCCA Nomination Form to apply for a committee vacancy.


BreastScreen ACT Community Reference Group

This group provides a forum for women of the ACT and SE NSW communities to discuss issues and provide feedback, support and advice to the ACT breast screening program on matters related to the services offered by this program.

The BreastScreen ACT Community Reference Group meets twice a year, usually in March and October. The next meeting is scheduled for 24 October. The group sometimes seeks feedback/ review of consumer materials out of session via email.

Meetings are held at the BreastScreen ACT administrative location, this is currently at 1 Moore Street, Canberra City. 


Conference Sponsorship Positions

Affordable, Accessible, Appropriate Housing for Older Australians

COTA Australia National Policy Forum

Thursday 22 June 2017, National Press Club, Canberra

Housing security is a basic human need and human right.

This year’s COTA National Policy Forum will place the spotlight on what housing means in later life and explore current policy issues and future trends around housing for older Australians. The Forum will bring together an exciting line-up of policy makers, academics, consumers, advocates and others to discuss some of the pressing housing issues of our time and how they affect older people. These issues include:

  • What does the crisis in housing affordability and availability mean for current and future groups of older people?
  • What do older people need and want in their housing?
  • What kinds of housing supports well-being in later life?
  • What are the key challenges facing older renters?
  • Why are there increasing rates of homelessness amongst older people and how can this be turned around?
  • Should the home be viewed as a financial asset to be leveraged to help fund retirement years? 

HCCA will sponsor two consumer representatives to attend the COTA National Policy Forum. Sponsorship includes the cost of the event, and transport assistance if you require it. Consumer representatives who are sponsored by HCCA to attend events are requested to provide a report to HCCA so that other members can find out about and benefit from items of interest presented at the event. If you are interested in attending this forum please complete an Expression of Interest on the HCCA website here, or call Kate at the HCCA office on 6230 7800 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance or more information about this.





If you would like to apply for any of the above Committee opportunites, please click here!


If you would like to apply for any of the above Conferenece Sponsorship opportunites, please click here!





Committee Vacancies (3)

There are currently no new committees. Please check back here soon for updates.


Conference Sponsorship Positions

Optimising Health: Salutogenic approaches to health practice, policy, research and education


Date: 26–27 October 2016

Venue: Anne Harding Conference Centre, University of Canberra

The theory of salutogenesis is concerned with the genesis of health. What creates health? What moves individuals in the direction of health? What would health care, policy, research and education look like if it focused on factors that supported health and wellbeing rather than those that cause disease?

This is a multi-disciplinary event bringing national and international speakers and delegates from a variety of disciplines together to be informed and inspired to challenge, re-think and re-vision healthcare; focusing on wellness rather than illness. This boutique conference will provide you with ample opportunity to meet with keynote and plenary speakers and others to explore these questions and more.

HCCA will sponsor two consumer representatives to attend this event. Sponsorship includes the cost of the event. All HCCA consumer representatives are encouraged to apply, however priority will be given to members of the Access and Design Consumer Reference Group. Please contact the HCCA office on 6230 7800 if you are interested in applying for sponsorship to this event and require transport assistance.

Nominations for this opportunity close on Wednesday 28 September 2016.

4th NSW Aged Health Collaborative Forum: Collaboration in the Care of Older People

Date: 14 October 2016

Venue: Westmead Education and Conference Centre, Westmead Hospital Sydney

This year, the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation will be hosting a one-day forum on aged care, specifically around collaboration in the care of older people. This forum will include presentations from organisations that are currently leading collaborative practice and innovation in aged care, and will showcase how collaboration may be integrated more widely into aged care.

HCCA will sponsor one consumer representative to attend this event. This event is free- sponsorship includes transport and one night’s accommodation in Sydney.

Nominations for this opportunity close on Wednesday 28 September 2016.

Reimbursement for Out of Pocket Expenses

ACT Health recognises that consumer representatives should not be left out of pocket from their consumer representative work. All ACT Health committees provide reimbursement for expenses. The current rate of reimbursement is $75.00 per two hour meeting, and a pro-rata rate for meetings longer than two hours. This payment is intended to cover any costs incurred as a result of consumer representative work, such as petrol, parking, printing meeting papers and childcare. Most but not all other non-government health service committees have a similar rate of reimbursement.


The ACT Health Consumer, Carer and Community Representative Reimbursement Policy can be found on their website. Our CRP team liaise with the committee Chairs to ensure consumer representatives receive reimbursement. 


As of August 2013, the ACT Health Consumer, Carer and Community Representative Policy has changed.  The latest policy can be downloaded below.




HCCA provides training for people interested in becoming consumer representatives. The training is free and conducted in a relaxed atmosphere. People share their views and experiences of health services in the ACT, and learn about consumer participation and how it benefits the health system. Participants meet experienced consumer representatives and hear about the consumer representative role first hand. 


Consumer representative training covers the following modules: 


• What is consumer participation?

• What are consumer perspectives? 

• Navigating our health system 

• The importance of health literacy

• How to keep ourselves safe in our health system


If you would like more information about the training or to register your interest contact the office on 6230 7800.



What do participants say about our training?


"The training is not only useful for those hoping to become a consumer representaitve, but it would also be useful for anyone who needs to navigate the ACT Health system ." 


"A great introduction into the health system and how we can effect change."


"Training assisted my own needs to health care [and] provided what I need to assist the community in regards to health issues." 




How to become a member


Step 1: Fill in a Membership Application Form.  Each person applying for membership must fill out the membership application form and sign the declaration that they agree to accept and fully support the Aims and Objectives of the Association.


Step 2: Your application will be considered by the Executive Committee (EC) at the first meeting after receiving your application.  If you agree to accept and fully support the Aims and Objectives of the Association and have applied in accordance with the application process, your application is likely to be accepted.


Step 3: If your application is accepted, you will be sent a letter of confirmation from HCCA.  If the EC decides that an applicant is not suitable to become a HCCA member, the Executive Director will send a letter to that applicant outlining why the EC has decided not to accept their membership application. The membership fee and any donation received will be returned to the applicant.


Renewal of Membership

The membership period is three years. Renewal of membership is due on 1 July in the year of expiry.  All members should renew their membership at the end of the three year membership term.


Where any member fails to renew by September 30 in the year the membership expires, their membership will lapse and will not be reinstated until the fee is paid. If a membership has lapsed for more than a calendar year they will be required to reapply for membership.


If you would like to become a member or renew your membership, please fill in the appropriate form below and return it to HCCA with your payment.



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