As a consumer representative who is endorsed by HCCA, I understand that:

  1.  I cannot make statements to the media on behalf of HCCA, including any unauthorised statement on social media which may lead people to believe that I represent HCCA.
  2. I cannot make statements in my committee work on behalf of HCCA, or lead others to believe that I represent the views of HCCA.
  3. I will not use social media to discuss any aspect of my committee work that is not publicly available. I will not compromise the confidential agreement that relates to my committee work, or compromise the reputation of HCCA.
  4. If, in a public forum, I identify that I am consumer representative, I will also explicitly state that my views do not represent the views of HCCA the organisation.
  5. When appointed to a committee role, I will represent broad community views to the best of my ability, rather than my personal views and experiences unless directly relevant to the work of the committee.
  6. I am free to make general comment about health issues that are not directly related to my committee work. I will not disclose or comment on any confidential work or people, past or present, of a committee I am or was a member of.
  7. If I have concerns about the way my committee is dealing with an issue, including confidentiality/ privacy breaches, I will discuss my concerns with the Committee Chair and/or the Executive Director before taking any further action.
  8. I understand that HCCA is available to provide support to me in carrying out consumer advocacy work.
  9. I am free to discuss confidential committee material with HCCA staff unless otherwise directed by the Committee Chair.

I agree to be guided by the following principles in my consumer advocacy work: 


I will:

  1. Value people with different views, beliefs, religions, social and economic status, cultural and gender identities.
  2. Not act or communicate in ways which could be interpreted as bullying or harassing.
  3. Engage cooperatively with others, and will value and acknowledge the contributions of others.

 Professional and personal integrity

I will:

  1. Understand and comply with the HCCA and Health Service policies and legislation that apply to a particular issue. For example, the Privacy Act.
  2. Raise concerns with HCCA staff if I believe a direction, decision or policy is unreasonable, unethical or unlawful.
  3. If I identify irregularities I will raise this with the Committee Chair. If I need support I will contact the Executive Director or President
  4. Act professionally, with honesty and integrity, and avoid behaving in a way that could negatively reflect on HCCA’s reputation.
  5. Declare any potential conflict of interest, and stand aside if a conflict of interest exists or is perceived to exist.
  6. Act transparently and within my role.
  7. Be objective and unprejudiced, and consider each case on its own merits.
  8. Not use my position to gain an advantage for myself, family or friends.
  9. Consider how my decisions will impact on other consumers, the community and HCCA.

 Privacy and confidentiality

I will:

  1. Understand and adhere to the level of privacy and confidentiality which applies to the interaction, forum or committee I am participating in.
  2. Observe privacy and confidentiality requirements whether I am using written or verbal communication.
  3. Seek guidance from HCCA staff in the first instance, or my committee chair (if applicable) if I am unsure of the level of privacy and confidentiality required in a situation.
  4. Not disclose information communicated in a confidential context.
  5. Not disclose confidential information I have gained through working with HCCA personnel or through access to HCCA documents.
  6. Apply the HCCA Privacy and Confidentiality Policy which can be found on the HCCA website here:

This agreement is based on the HCCA Code of Conduct for Members, Consumer Representatives and Volunteers. The full documents can be found on the HCCA website at 

Last updated: 13/7/2021