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Australian Public Health Conference 2020

Public Health action: Response to bushfires, climate and coronavirus

HCCA will sponsor two consumer representatives to attend the Australian Public Health Conference 2020.

Please note that due to COVID19 this is a virtual conference which will be held online over a two week period, from Monday 19 to Friday 30 October 2020. This means that there is plenty of time to attend all seminars of interest!

The program this year is still being finalised, and focusses on Australia’s response to bushfires, climate and coronavirus. You can view the draft program here, and the keynote speakers here.

Sponsorship to this event includes the cost of registration. HCCA asks that consumer representatives who are sponsored to attend events by HCCA share their knowledge with other HCCA members by writing a short post for inclusion in our newsletter and online, or speak about the event at an HCCA forum. If you are interested and would need extra assistance to attend this online event, please call and discuss your needs with us.

You can complete an expression of interest here, by 31 August 2020. If you need assistance with this, please call the HCCA office on 6230 7800.

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Last updated: 19/8/2020