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Ageo Evaluation Committee (University of Canberra)

The Ageo Evaluation Committee meetings will act as an explorative, participative and decision-making forum for the funded research project ‘Evaluation of SmartCare in Aged Care’. The project will evaluate the applicability and effectiveness of SmartCare in an aged care setting. SmartCare is the aged-care version of technology called SmartWard, a digital bedside nursing chart, which seeks to:

  • reduce the amount of time spent on documenting care, allowing nurses and carers to spend more time with residents,
  • Improve the quality of care, through means such as reduced missed care, improved compliance with approved clinical treatment protocols and fewer errors,
  • Provide aggregated performance data on the facility as a whole leads to better decisions around management of resident welfare and allocation of resources, and
  • Allow for improvements that lead to better resident health and quality of life.

Applicability of SmartCare to the aged care environment will be studied in order to determine effectiveness and improvements in care delivery specific to aged care settings, as well as impacts on care delivery workflow.  This work follows on from a University of Canberra evaluation of a 4 experimental week live-pilot trial in an acute tertiary facility in the ACT (Project 1), and a follow up conceptual research project examining documentation and implementation informed by the pilot (Project 2).

The key purpose of the Ageo Evaluation Committee is to:

  1. Provide oversight and selection of evaluation method, tools, processes, and transparency to ensure an evidence-informed and achievable evaluation is achieved in relation to the Ageo Evaluation aims.
  2. Provide updates on Ageo implementation progress that effect the Ageo evaluation
  3. Respond to troubleshooting, problem solving and adjustment requirements within the evaluation
  4. Provide internal review of the suitability and appropriateness of ethics, reports and other project material for external dissemination

Meetings are held Bi-Monthly, for 1 hour, at the University of Canberra. Additional meetings may be called  if issues of a pressing nature arise. The final project report is due to be completed by July 2020.

Applications close 28 November 2018

Terms of Reference Ageo Evaluation


Calvary Infrastructure Planning & Service Development Committee

The Infrastructure Planning and Service Development Committee is responsible for ensure that infrastructure planning and service development at Calvary Public Hospital Bruce are planned, coordinated and established within the Clinical Services Plan. In particular, the committee has the responsibility to:

  • That planning is developed with input and consultation from clinician and support staff user groups and supported by best practice / evidence based models of care
  • Ensure that infrastructure projects  are coordinated and managed to best meet the operational requirements of the services, staff and patient. To ensure that project planning identifies the ongoing resources required to support service delivery and that funding is available to support this
  • To oversee infrastructure projects in progress, review projects against agreed timeframes and budgets and escalate issues of concern and significant variation
  • To ensure the ICT Strategy is aligned to business and clinical priorities and supports the strategic direction of Calvary Public Hospital Bruce, and to oversee the strategy’s implementation and evaluation
  • Ensure that identified service need and capacity inform infrastructure proposals and submissions
  • Provide advice to the Executive on service development and infrastructure gaps and mitigation strategies
  • Ensure risks for all projects and overarching infrastructure planning are identified, monitored and mitigated.

This opportunity would suit a consumer representative with an interest in infrastructure and planning. Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month, usually between 10am – 11:30am, at Calvary. Some work may be required out of session.

Applications close 12 December 2018.

Terms of Reference Infrastructure Planning & Service Development Committee


CHHS Parkinson’s Disease Working Group

CHHS Parkinsons’ Disease Working Group aims to collaborate on any developments or issues impacting on the development and progression of the Parkinson’s Disease Service. The key tasks of the group are to:

  • Plan future developments for the CHHS Parkinson’s Disease Service.
  • Supporting clinical and organisational development based on available resources.
  • form and support working groups for projects around Parkinson’s disease.

This opportunity would suit a consumer representative with experience of Parkinson’s disease (as a Consumer or Carer).

The Group reports through the Executive Director of Division of Medicine. Meetings are held Bi-Monthly at the Canberra Hospital. This committee may require some out-of-session work vi email or teleconference.

Applications close 12 December 2018.

Terms of Reference Parkinson’s Disease Working Group


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