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Nurses and Midwives: Towards a Safer Culture Advisory Group

This advisory group is being formed to provide input into the ‘Towards a Safer Culture’ project. The project addresses Occupational Violence and Aggression specifically towards nurses and midwives throughout the ACT. Membership of the group includes Calvary Public Hospital and Canberra Health Services. This work complements the broader work currently being done to address violence and aggression towards health staff throughout Canberra Health Services.

This opportunity would suit an experienced consumer representative with a good understanding of the ACT health system and the roles of nurses and midwives. It requires excellent communication skills, an awareness of the sensitivities of this topic, and the ability to form productive working relationships with stakeholders with different viewpoints.

This group has not yet been formed, and dates and times for meetings are not yet available. It is expected to meet monthly at The Canberra Hospital. Please nominate if this opportunity interests you even if you’re not sure whether you can commit to a meeting schedule yet.

The terms of reference and more information for this committee can be found here. You can nominate for this committee here. Applications close 9 July 2019.


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