HCCA is always looking for new consumer representatives. If you are interested in advocating for a better health system for all, please consider joining HCCA. Please note all HCCA consumer representatives must be members of our organisation, and have completed consumer representative training. Find out how to become a member here.

Roger Killeen and Darlene Cox sitting at a table, Roger talking and gesturing with his hands while Darlene listens.

Consumer Representative Training

All consumer representatives endorsed by HCCA must have previously completed a consumer representative training course with HCCA. HCCA hosts consumer representative training at least twice a year. It is a free, two-day course and everyone is welcome. Our training develops the personal knowledge and skills of community members to better equip them for consumer representative work. Consumer representative training covers the following modules:

  • What is consumer participation?
  • What are consumer perspectives
  • Navigating our health system
  • The importance of health literacy
  • How to keep ourselves safe in our health system
  • How to be an effective consumer representative

If you have received training from another consumer organisation, you may not have to complete our training. Please contact a member of the CRP team if you are unsure or have any other questions about consumer representative training.

Nominating for a Committee

If you have completed consumer representative training, you are eligible to nominate for a committee vacancy through HCCA. All of our committee vacancies are advertised in our fortnightly newsletter, Consumer Bites, which you can read here, on our Committee Vacancies page and in our members only Consumer Opportunities Newsletter. Find out how to become a member here.  All members interested in a committee vacancy must complete the committee nomination form.

Being Endorsed to a Committee

Once you have completed a nomination form, your nomination will be assessed against our selection criteria. Most nominations will be put before the HCCA Consumer Participation Committee for their consideration and decision as to the most appropriate nominee to take on the role. The Consumer Participation Committee endorses consumer representatives who are capable of reflecting the viewpoints and concerns of consumers, and persons in whom HCCA has confidence.

The Consumer Participation Committee consists of at least one member of the HCCA Executive Committee, three experienced consumer representatives and the Manager for Consumer and Community Participation. If you are nominating for a very high-level committee or a committee of strategic importance for HCCA, your nomination will be assessed by the HCCA Executive Committee. The endorsement process may take up to four weeks. All members of HCCA are bound by the HCCA Privacy Policy.


Last updated: 29/6/2021