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About Requesting a Consumer Representative

Consumer Representatives

The HCCA Consumer Representatives Program is a focal point for both consumer groups and government for the nomination, training and support of consumer representatives. It provides skilled representatives to more than 50 committees across the ACT health system.

HCCA provides training, policy support and resource materials for consumer representatives, establishes channels for representatives to feedback to the community and identifies potential nominees for committees and advisory boards.

What is a consumer representative?

A consumer representative is someone who is endorsed by the Health Care Consumers’ Association of the ACT (HCCA) to represent the views and interests of health consumers.

HCCA consumer representatives have experience of health services primarily as consumers of services. They commit to being well informed about relevant health issues and representing a broad range of consumer views by ensuring they are accountable to others through HCCA and/or other community groups.

Why a consumer representative?

Representatives are people who use health care have particular knowledge not otherwise available to policy makers. They ensure health service users have input into policies and direction and remind committee members that the public interest is of primary concern.
The following information provides a guide for those working in the ACT health system requesting a consumer representative.

What is the process of finding a consumer rep?

When contacting HCCA about a consumer rep it helps us if you can provide the following information at least one month prior to the first meeting:

  • Terms of reference for the Committee
  • How often, when and where it meets
  • How it links with other committees and decision-making bodies
  • Whether the committee pays sitting fees or out -of -pocket expenses to the consumer representative
  • Committee contact details including email and telephone and mailing address
  • Any other information including websites that provide background information about the committee or issue.

It takes about four weeks for HCCA to complete the process of advertising, recruiting and selecting a consumer representative. We advertise vacancies to consumer networks via email and our newsletter. People nominate for positions and these nominations are sent to the Consumer Representatives Sub-Committee to assess nominations and make a recommendation to the Executive Committee of HCCA.

For more information contact our office and ask to speak with Kate Gorman, the Manager, Consumer and Community Participation.

A set of five images that show a range of consumer engagement activities including consumers participating in round table discussions and attending a range of events.

Last updated: 29/6/2021