HCCA has a number of reference groups to inform our positions on health policy and to identify issues of importance to consumers. The aim is to enhance the overall consumer voice in the shaping of health services affecting them, and to ensure that future health strategies and policies are in fact consumer driven.

Currently there are five active CRGs in the areas of eHealth, Aged care, Quality and Safety, accessibility and Design and Maternity. We previously ran a group focussing on cancer but this finished in 2014. HCCA Consumer Reference Groups (CRGs) bring together members, consumer representatives and nominees from support groups and health service organisations with a view to informing ACT Government, health organisations including the Capital Health Network, and health services about issues of importance to consumers in the ACT and surrounding region.

ACT e-Health Consumer Reference Group: provides informed advice to ACT Health Directorate and to health consumer representatives on e-health proposals and projects; and through a broad consultation process, act as a reference group which can be consulted by ACT Health Directorate and other health bodies which are seeking consumer input or comment on e-health information initiatives.

ACT Health of Older People Consumer Reference Group: informs the ACT Government Health Directorate about the needs of older health care consumers in the ACT region and to foster relationships between consumer and health service providers. It also provides a reference point for the development of patient centred care within health and community services regarding aged care and rehabilitation.

Quality and Safety Consumer Reference Group: this group provides a forum to raise consumer issues around the quality and safety of health services and work collaboratively with ACT Health to address these issues. The membership of this group consists of Consumer Leads on National Quality and Safety Health Service Standards Committees and consumer representatives on high-level quality and safety committees.

Accessibility and Design Consumer Reference Group: this group provides a forum to raise consumer issues and share information around the accessibility and design of all health services in the ACT and region, and work collaboratively with health services to address these issues. This group functions as a reference body for HCCA to inform our advocacy for accessible services and evidence based design for new infrastructure projects as well as existing facilities.

ACT Maternity Consumer Reference Group: this group provides informed input to health services from the perspective of mothers of babies and young children. The group is primarily a resource for the ACT Health Directorate, which can seek consumer input on documents, policies, new initiatives or proposals which specifically affect this consumer group.

Last updated: 30/9/2018