HCCA is the peak health consumer advocacy body in the ACT, supporting and developing health consumer perspectives and policy in the Territory for over 30 years. HCCA is an organisation through which everyone can participate in policy, planning and service decisions that affect their health. HCCA works to improve the quality and availability of health services, supports consumers to identify shared priorities about health and represents these views to the ACT Government.


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  • icon Essential Care and Team Nursing: Health Issues Group: Essential Care and Team Nursing 30 June 2015Guest Speaker: Chief Nurse of the ACT Veronica CroomeOn the 30th of June Veronica (Ronnie) Croome, Chief Nurse of the ACT, came to talk at the HCCA Issues Group. These events are public forums where HCCA hosts members of ACT Health staff and other health professionals or service providers to come and provide insight into different aspects of our health system. These sessions are a great opportunity to learn more about our health system… 3 months ago
  • icon Tour of the Royal Melbourne Hospital: On Friday 12 June Darlene Cox and I went on a tour of the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) in North Melbourne. We were interested in a tour of the hospital as it is in a similar situation as the Canberra Hospital. The campus is landlocked, meaning roads surround the hospital and there is nowhere to expand on the current campus. Also RMH has undergone and continues to undergo a series of infrastructure upgrades to improve the ageing facility and to accommodate the increasing demand in services.The RMH… 3 months ago
  • icon Dementia Care in Hospitals Program: It’s 10am on the morning of 25 June, and I am in the auditorium of The Canberra Hospital (TCH) listening to Associate Professor MarkYates of the Ballarat Health Services Dementia Care in Hospitals Program explain what this program is about to the assembled TCH staff. He’s clearly practised at it, which might be expected, since the program has been embedded in no less than 25 Victorian health care providers to date. It’s been so successful at improving the experience of treatment in hospital… 3 months ago
  • icon So, what do you think of the ACT Budget? Our initial response.: We see a continuation of the modest growth in heath funding to advance the ACT Government’s plan for our city. The Health budget hits $1.5 billion, around a third of the total ACT Budget. The Government is very clear about their commitment to providing health services and they are moving in the right direction.The fun begins now with the analysis of the Budget Papers.On the whole this is a Business-As-Usual budget. It continues to deliver on the services announced last year, including the… 4 months ago
  • icon Launch of Healthpathways: Healthpathways was launched in the ACT and SE NSW by the ACT Health Minister, Simon Corbell MLA. Darlene Cox (HCCA, ED)and Sue Andrews (HCCA President) attended.A couple of excerpts from the Minister's speech are posted here. It gives you an idea of what healthpathways is about.If you want to know more you can also check our blog post about healthpathways from last year. 4 months ago
  • icon Today is World Autoimmune Arthritis Day (WAAD)! It aims to bring global awareness to differentiate all types of arthritis caused by diseases that affect the immune system. A virtual, online ‘race around the world’ to raise awareness and to connect the global community will be held on the WAAD website linked below! Check it out! http://www.worldautoimmunearthritisday.org/home.html 5 months ago
  • icon Are you interested in knowing more about how we can reduce unnecessary practices in the health system and which should be avoided? then check out Choosing Wisely Australia. 5 months ago
  • icon The ACT Government program of installing fitness equipment in public parks is continuing with an announcement on new equipment for #Tuggeranong. #Canberra 5 months ago
  • icon Today Health Care Consumers Association is at the Control & Choice Expo 2015 promoting Health Consumers Voice Participation, Navigating the ACT Health System, After-Hours Health Care Options & Advanced Health Care Planning, and much more.... 5 months ago
  • icon Today begins Spinal Health week, a national initiate to raise awareness from the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia! This year’s theme is ‘Live Better- We’ve Got Your Back’. To find out more, visit http://www.chiropractors.asn.au/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&layout=item&id=149&Itemid=450 5 months ago