HCCA is the peak health consumer advocacy body in the ACT, supporting and developing health consumer perspectives and policy in the Territory for over 30 years. HCCA is an organisation through which everyone can participate in policy, planning and service decisions that affect their health. HCCA works to improve the quality and availability of health services, supports consumers to identify shared priorities about health and represents these views to the ACT Government.


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  • icon Medicare Benefits Schedule Review Consultation :President Report Dr Sue Andrews: On 26 October I attended a Consumer Workshop in Sydney, one of several convened by the Consumers’ Health Forum as part of the government’s consultation process for the Review of the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS).The workshop was attended by a diverse range of consumer advocates and organisations including Breast Cancer Network Australia, Pain Australia, and the Australian Patients Association.  The Minister for Health, Sussan Ley, gave some introductory comments about why the MBS needs… 1 week ago
  • icon Health in Difference Conference Report By Elizabeth Proctor Health Care Consumers’ Consumer Representative & Eleanor Kerdo Policy Officer HCCA: Elizabeth Proctor:In mid August I was lucky enough to attend the first day of the 9th National LGBTI Health Conference Health in Difference (and I apologise for the delay in reporting back!). The most striking thing about the conference was how thoughtfully the program and speakers engaged with the overlaps and interactions between healthcare provision and marginalisation of groups. A special focus was placed on how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and culturally and linguistically… 3 weeks ago
  • icon Launch of Capital Health Network: Yesterday I spoke at the launch of the Capital Health Network. The entity was officially launched by Simon Corbell MLA, Minister for Health and Deputy Chief Minister.The Chair of the Network, Dr Martin Liedvogal, shared the Blue Print with attendees. This document sets out the roadmap for the Network.My speech is posted here for people to read. As usual, I strayed from the script a little… 3 months ago
  • icon Consumer-led Ideas for Better Primary Health Care – CHF Workshop: On the 19thAugust, I had the pleasure of attending a workshop on the future of primary health care, organised by the Consumers’ Health Forum of Australia (CHF). The program for the day included an impressive line up of speakers, including the current Commonwealth Minister for Health, who demonstrated energy and commitment to reform.Proceedings kicked off with presentations from the Chairs of the two connected large scale reviews currently underway: the review of the Medicare Benefits Schedule and… 3 months ago
  • icon Health Literacy Forum, ACT Health - 24 August 2014: I attended the ACT Health forum on Health Literacy. I attended for three reasons: to support Yelin Hung who has been completing the course; to hear about what the other participants have learnt and also to present on consumer perspectives of health literacy. While the turn out was smaller than anticipated it was still a very useful morning of sharing and discussion.What follows are the notes that I took from the forum. Health Literacy - Michal Morris, Centre for culture, ethnicity and healthMichal… 3 months ago
  • icon Congratulations to Women with Disabilities ACT for winning the Human Rights Award at the #ACTInclusion Awards tonight in #Canberra. 1 day ago
  • icon This is great. 2 days ago
  • icon Some conditions, like infection and inflammation, can lead to an increase in local blood flow, whereas others, like atherosclerosis, heart failure, and diabetes, can cause a decrease. If doctors could precisely and even continuously monitor this flow, they could better tailor care to individual patients and conditions. Here is an article about a new wearable device that can measure blood flow.http://www.technologyreview.com/news/542931/new-wearable-device-can-measure-your-blood-flow/ 2 days ago
  • icon HCCA consumer representatives and staff attended the ACT Quality in Healthcare Awards last night in #Canberra, Darlene was active on the HCCA twitter account throughout the evening. You can check it out on Twitter https://twitter.com/HealthCanberra 2 days ago
  • icon Our Executive Director, Darlene Cox, attended a workshop today for the Better Services Task Force. Participants at the design workshop engaged in lots of interactive work to build on existing outcomes from the Better Services reforms. It was a good opportunity to reflect on their shared principles and agree the next steps. 2 days ago