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From our work in the integrated care project and our broader advocacy in chronic conditions, we have identified a need for a coordinated network to bring together community organisations dedicated to support and advocacy for people living with chronic conditions.

Our Executive Committee approved the use of HCCA funds to establish this network and gauge the efficacy and need of a group of this nature. We recruited a Chronic Conditions Network Coordinator in March 2023, and the Network has been meeting sicne May 2023. Sign up on Humanitix for the in-person and online meetings.

The Network has five goals.

  1. Awareness – Create awareness of chronic condition community organisations operating in the ACT and surrounding region, and what services they offer.
  2. Connection – Allow organisations to connect with one another to form relationships, share information and training, and to reduce duplication of effort.
  3. Collaboration – Provide opportunities for organisations to collaborate with each other to share experience and work together identifying issues affecting the sector.
  4. Coordination – Support coordinated advocacy and engagement which delivers impactful messaging to health services on identified issues of importance.
  5. Partnership – Encourage organisations to partner with each other on policy submissions, joint statements, funding applications and other initiatives.

To learn more or get involved contact us on 02 6230 7800 or [email protected]

Download the flyer for the Chronic Conditions Network.

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