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Submission to ACT Government’s 2023-24 ACT Budget Consultation

Published: 2023 Budget Consultations

HCCA wants to see the 2023-24 ACT Budget address priorities in three key areas of health: access, integration of care, and support for the community sector to meet increasing demands. Supporting information and detail of HCCA’s proposed priorities is included in Section 2.

Submission to ACSQHC Consultation on Draft Sustainable Healthcare Module

Published: 2023 Quality and Safety in Health Care

The proposed Sustainable Healthcare Module (the Module) is a valuable tool that aims to assist Australian healthcare providers in establishing long-term strategies for improving environmental sustainability. It is imperative for healthcare providers to stay up to date with regards to environmental sustainability in order to safeguard the health and well-being…

Submission: Senate Inquiry into Assessment and Support Services for People with ADHD

Published: 2023 Health Service Planning Inquiries Out-of-Pocket Costs Primary Health Care Quality and Safety in Health Care

Consumers with ADHD can find that having it diagnosed helps them make sense of their life and can provide an opportunity to consider treatment options. When there is a lack of early treatment, combined with the experience of symptoms of ADHD, this can lead to the development of other health…

Submission: ACT Legislative Assembly Select Committee on Cost of Living Pressures in the ACT

Published: 2023 Inquiries Out-of-Pocket Costs

Canberrans are struggling with the rising cost of living, and these pressures disproportionately affect low- and moderate-income households, especially where these households are not receiving assistance through ACT or Commonwealth Government Programs. The effects of high inflation, stagnant wage growth, and interest rate increases are having a significant impact, meaning…

Submission: ACT Health Directorate Draft Disability Health Strategy

Published: 2023 Disability Health Health Directorate Health Service Planning

Consumers with disability can find accessing health care and having their specific health and support needs met more difficult. We strongly support the development of the ACT Disability Health Strategy to recognise and address the impediments to equity of care and access and to meet the unique needs of people…

Submission: National Health and Climate Strategy

Published: 2023 Sustainable Health Care

Climate change is one of the most complex issues we face. It is challenging to address as it cuts across all ecological, social or economic systems and affects human health at a global and local level. We need to be able to answer the question: how do we continue to…

It’s a Choice: Consumer views on VAD for the ACT

Published: 2023 Advance Care Planning Aged Care/Health of Older People

HCCA sought feedback from members on the discussion paper on Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD). We facilitated three focus groups consisting of 4 to 6 consumers and ten in-depth conversations with individuals. The questions asked during these discussions were based on those provided in the ACT Health VAD Discussion Paper. Consumers…

Submission to Inquiry into Abortion and Reproductive Choice in the ACT

Published: 2022 Inquiries

HCCA views reproductive justice as including both the right not to have a child, through access to abortion and contraception, and the right to have a child without fear of violence or discrimination. It is vital that that the principles of reproductive justice are central in any fulsome review of…

ACT Government: ACT Budget 2022-23

Published: 2022 Budget Consultations

HCCA's submission to the 2022-23 ACT Budget consultation.

HCCA Response to ACT Budget 2022-23

Published: 2022 Budget Consultations

The 2022-23 ACT Budget was released on Tuesday 2 August 2022 by Andrew Barr MLA, Chief Minister and Treasurer of the ACT. The Budget papers can be found here: https://www.treasury.act.gov.au/budget/budget-2022-23 HCCA made a pre-budget submission to the Government, also available on our website, highlighting a range of potential investments in…

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