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HCCA Statement of Priorities for the 2024 ACT Election

Published: 2024 Local

This Statement of Priorities represents our areas of focus for the 2024 ACT Election. We ask political parties and independent candidates to consider and address these priorities. HCCA’s consumer members were integrally involved in the development of these priorities. We have identified priority actions under three domains: 1. Improving consumer…

Climate Health and Wellbeing Position Statement

Published: 2023

This position statement acknowledges that climate change will have a profound impact on the health and wellbeing of people across the world.

Inclusive Health Care Position Statement

Published: 2023

Inclusive health care means equity of access for all health care consumers so that they can fully participate in their health care. For health care to be inclusive for consumers, health care providers need to acknowledge that health is determined by different experiences, identities, social connections, needs, wants, and bodies.…

Co-Design Position Statement

Published: 2023

The Health Care Consumers’ Association (HCCA) supports co-design as integral to the development, implementation and evaluation of health services, policies and programs.

Health Literacy Position Statement

Published: 2022

Statement about what Health Literacy means to HCCA and what action we will take to build both individual and environmental health literacy in the ACT.

Consumer-Centred Care Position Statement

Published: 2021

This Position Statement outlines HCCA's commitment to consumer-centred care as a foundation principle in all its work and to promoting consumer-centred care across the health system, within government and across the ACT community.

Consumer Participation in Research Position Statement

Published: 2023

This document summarises our commitment to supporting health consumer participation in research.

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