National Press Club lunch - photo

Best of health for Australia: The experts’ priorities for the 2019 Federal Election (By Shelley McInnis)

We thought we might be sprinkled around the Press Club lunch tables, so that we could schmooze with all the veteran journalists but, no. We, Wendy Armstrong, Linda Tromp, Indra Gajanayake and I, your faithful correspondent Shelley, were all shoulder-to-shoulder at Table 5. Nutritionist Rosemary Stanton was with us, too, and, intriguingly for me, especially,…

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Janne Graham: a reflection (by David Pearson)

Recently at our conference celebrating 40 years of consumer health advocacy, HCCA awarded Janne Graham our first ever life membership. Janne has been an HCCA member and advocate since the early days , and her understated, yet powerful and persistent advocacy work has been an inspiration to many of the people who are active members…

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Photo of Public Health Australia report on the top 10 public health successes of the last 20 years

Consumers advocacy saves lives! (by Kathryn Dwan)

Consumer advocacy rarely achieves quick wins. It can take some time before collective effort bears fruit. But never doubt its power! Last week the Public Health Association launched a report entitled Top 10 public health successes of the last 20 years. So many successes achieved through so much hard work, and so many lives saved!…

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Last updated: 22/5/2018