Take action! A Guide to health complaints and feedback in the ACT


Health care in Canberra is usually very safe and high quality. But things can go wrong, even in the best health services.

Your feedback, complaints, or compliments can help improve health care for everyone.

You have a right to make a complaint or give feedback. This can:

  • Help fix the problem
  • Stop it happening again
  • Make health care better for everyone

When you make a complaint or give feedback:

  • Your concerns must be addressed in a transparent, timely way
  • It must not negatively affect the way you are treated
  • You have a right to share your experience to improve the quality of health care

You have these rights wherever you get health care.  They are part of the Australian Charter of Health Care Rights: https://www.safetyandquality.gov.au/consumers/working-your-healthcare-provider/australian-charter-healthcare-rights


We have worked with consumers and service providers to develop some resources to help you:

  • Decide if you want to give feedback or make a complaint,
  • Find advice and support, and
  • Work out what is the best action for your individual circumstances.


Take Action! Health complaints and feedback in the ACT

This Guide is made up of 6 Tip Sheets and a Directory. You can either download the complete guide, or each of the tip sheets separately.

If you just want the Tip Sheets, start with Tip Sheet 1. Take action! Health complaints and feedback in Canberra. It tells you about your options, whatever has gone wrong in your health care.

The other Tip Sheets have extra information about:


The Directory lists contact details for:

  • Organisations that can help you with a complaint or a problem in health care
  • The complaints and feedback processes of most hospitals and larger health services in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

The Directory also has information about what to do if you, or someone you care about, is getting sicker while they are in hospital


Take Action! Mental health care complaints in the ACT

This Guide is made up of 6 Fact Sheets.

Fact Sheet 1. Is there a problem with your mental health care?

Fact Sheet 2. How to make a complaint about a mental health professional in the ACT

Fact Sheet 3. How to raise a concern about In-patient mental health care

Fact Sheet 4. Information for carers, nominated persons, family and friends

Fact Sheet 5. Advocacy – How to improve the mental health system in the ACT

Fact Sheet 6: Mental Health Complaints Matter




These guides were developed with advice from health care consumers and carers, and representatives of health services and other agencies. HCCA thanks:

HCCA members

Christine Bowman

Don McFeat

Fiona Tito-Wheatland

Jo Bothroyd

Joanne Baumgartner

Pam Graudenz

Karen McKernan

Priyanka Rai

Ajar Sana


Consumer, carer and health advocacy organisations

Advocacy for Inclusion

Carers ACT

Canberra Mental Health Forum

Mental Health Consumer Network – Bianca Rosetti

Mental Health Carers Voices

People with Disabilities ACT


Staff at the office of the ACT Health Services Commissioner


Community Health Literacy Steering Group

Anais le Gall (Capital Health Network)

Bailey de Paiva (Canberra Health Services)

Belinda Yates (Calvary Public Hospital Bruce)

Bob Stirling (HCCA Member)

Carol Archard (Carers ACT)

Holly Catt (Canberra Health Services)

Karin Calford (HCCA member)

Louise Botha (Calvary Public Hospital Bruce and Canberra Health Services)

Purity Goj (ACT Health Directorate and ACT Office for Mental Health and Wellbeing)

Rowan Ford (ACT Health Directorate)

Shelley McInnis (HCCA Member).


This work was supported by the ACT Health Directorate as part of the Community Health Literacy Project.

Last updated: 20/6/2022