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Submission: ACT Health Directorate Draft Disability Health Strategy

Published: 2023 Local

Consumers with disability can find accessing health care and having their specific health and support needs met more difficult. We strongly support the development of the ACT Disability Health Strategy to recognise and address the impediments to equity of care and access and to meet the unique needs of people…

Submission: ACT Legislative Assembly Select Committee on Cost of Living Pressures in the ACT

Published: 2023 Local

Canberrans are struggling with the rising cost of living, and these pressures disproportionately affect low- and moderate-income households, especially where these households are not receiving assistance through ACT or Commonwealth Government Programs. The effects of high inflation, stagnant wage growth, and interest rate increases are having a significant impact, meaning…

Integrated Care in the ACT Region: Conversations with service providers

Published: 2023 Local

The ACT has sought more integrated health care for several decades as can be seen through the many health related policies and frameworks. Across Australia and internationally, better integration of health services serves to improve consumer experience of care, provide high quality care for the increasing number of people with…

Requirements for family and carer spaces

Published: 2020 Local

Family members and carers play an important role in the care and recovery of patients in hospital. This document outlines the types of spaces and features that family members and carers will require in the new Critical Services Building at Canberra Hospital to enable them to better support consumers during…

Staying Safe: Now You Are Home

Published: 2023 Local

This guide has information to help you when you are back at home after your hospital stay.

Staying Safe: In Hospital

Published: 2023 Local

This guide is designed to make your stay in hospital as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Staying Safe: Going to Hospital

Published: 2023 Local

This guide is designed to help you prepare for your hospital stay.

Submission to ACT Government’s 2023-24 ACT Budget Consultation

Published: 2023 Local

HCCA wants to see the 2023-24 ACT Budget address priorities in three key areas of health: access, integration of care, and support for the community sector to meet increasing demands. Supporting information and detail of HCCA’s proposed priorities is included in Section 2.

Submission to Inquiry into Abortion and Reproductive Choice in the ACT

Published: 2022 Local

HCCA views reproductive justice as including both the right not to have a child, through access to abortion and contraception, and the right to have a child without fear of violence or discrimination. It is vital that that the principles of reproductive justice are central in any fulsome review of…

It’s a Choice: Consumer views on VAD for the ACT

Published: 2023 Local

HCCA sought feedback from members on the discussion paper on Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD). We facilitated three focus groups consisting of 4 to 6 consumers and ten in-depth conversations with individuals. The questions asked during these discussions were based on those provided in the ACT Health VAD Discussion Paper. Consumers…

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