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Requirements for family and carer spaces

Published: 2020

The new emergency, surgical and critical care building at the Canberra Hospital provides a unique opportunity to design and construct a facility that is family centered, addressing the specific needs of family members and carers as well as the consumer. This document outlines the types of spaces and features that family members and carers will require in the new facility to enable them to better support consumers during an admission to hospital.

This paper was informed by the views and experiences of healthcare consumers, including family members and carers, and members of the SPIRE Consumer Reference Group.

Supporting a loved one admitted to hospital is usually a stressful time for family members and carers. They are often experiencing heightened levels of anxiety, fear, emotion and sometimes grief. During this time, family members and carers may need to access a range of different spaces within the hospital to meet their physical, psychological and social needs. These spaces will vary in size, location, level of privacy and amenities offered and are detailed within.

Use the ‘Download Document’ button to read the full report.

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