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HCCA Response to ACT Budget 2022-23

Published: 2022

The 2022-23 ACT Budget was released on Tuesday 2 August 2022 by Andrew Barr MLA, Chief Minister and Treasurer of the ACT.

The ACT Budget does two things – it tells the community about the income and expenditure of Government, but it also includes a range of performance measures each year. A high performing health system is committed to transparency and the accountability indicators need to be set by the community – the users and funders of the services, not only those people working in the system. These performance measures are not always particularly meaningful to consumers but there are some of the current measures, referred to as accountability indicators, that are worthy of closer attention.

The Budget papers can be found here: https://www.treasury.act.gov.au/budget/budget-2022-23. Details for the Health Directorate and Canberra Health Service are contained in Budget Statements C.

HCCA provided a submission to Government on our priorities for investment in the 2022-23 Budget. You can read our full submission on our website.

In our response we set out our priorities and provide analysis of how the Budget has responded to these.

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