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Submission: Senate Inquiry into Assessment and Support Services for People with ADHD

Published: 2023 National

Consumers with ADHD can find that having it diagnosed helps them make sense of their life and can provide an opportunity to consider treatment options. When there is a lack of early treatment, combined with the experience of symptoms of ADHD, this can lead to the development of other health…

Integrated Care in the ACT Region: Conversations with service providers

Published: 2023 Local

The ACT has sought more integrated health care for several decades as can be seen through the many health related policies and frameworks. Across Australia and internationally, better integration of health services serves to improve consumer experience of care, provide high quality care for the increasing number of people with…

Commonwealth Department of Health: After-Hours Primary Health Care Review

Published: 2014 National

HCCA welcomes the opportunity to provide input into the Review into After Hours Primary Health Care Services. Our response is informed by consumer consultation for two recent bodies of work: our response to the Senate Inquiry into Out-of-Pocket Costs and a recent project with ACT Medicare Local, completing a comprehensive…

Australian Senate: Select Committee on Health

Published: 2014 National

HCCA is very pleased that the Senate Select Committee on Health has been established. Health, or being in good health is important to everyone and influences how we feel, function and participate in the community. The concepts of ‘health’ and ‘ill health’ must be understood as complex. As well as…

Primary Health Care Advisory Group Discussion Paper

Published: 2015 National

Health, and being in good health, is important to everyone and influences how we feel, function and participate in the community. As well as an individual’s experience or understanding of their health, social determinants of health and cultural contexts of health and health care need to be taken into account.

ACT Health: ACT Pharmacist Vaccination Program

Published: 2015 Local

A considerable number of our members provided comment on this discussion paper. There was overall support for the proposed pharmacist vaccination program in the ACT. That said, many members raised serious concerns regarding possible risks involved and had questions regarding, quality and safety, privacy and respect and out-of-pocket cost to…

Providing Clinical Health Services in an Off-Campus Environment Policy

Published: 2016 Local

Where care is delivered in the homes of consumers there is a balance to be struck between the needs of staff to be safe and recognition that the care setting is the person’s home and this needs to be respected. We appreciate that this policy focuses on how to manage…

Draft National Maternity Framework

Published: 2017 National

Overall, HCCA consumers felt that the Draft National Framework for Maternity Services appears to be strong in its vision, values and principles, and recognises the importance of equitable access to woman-centred, culturally safe, evidence-based care. The framework approach gives a more flexible model for service delivery planning than a more…

Review: Urgent After-Hours Primary Care Services Funded through the MBS

Published: 2017 National

HCCA would like to emphasise that consumers do not choose and attribute the Medicare item number to a service. However, consumers’ needs and preferences should be considered in making any changes to the system. Without sufficiently understanding consumer need for health care after-hours, it is difficult to say whether restricting…

Senate Inquiry into Chronic Disease

Published: 2015 National

HCCA made this submission to the Senate's Standing Committee on Health on Chronic Disease Prevention and Management in Primary Health Care. HCCA sees an enhanced focus on primary health care within the community as cost effective and a way to reduce spending in tertiary care. Primary health care, health promotion…

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