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Submission: Commonwealth Government COVID-19 Response Inquiry

Published: 2023 National

HCCA's submission to this inquiry details consumer concerns around the Commonwealth COVID response, and suggests mechanisms for better targeting future responses.

Submission: Climate Change Amendment (Duty of Care and Intergenerational Climate Equity) Bill 2023

Published: 2024 National

HCCA's submission to the Senate Inquiry emphasises the impacts of climate change on health and how health equity must be considered in all public policy.

Submission: National Health and Climate Strategy

Published: 2023 National

Climate change is one of the most complex issues we face. It is challenging to address as it cuts across all ecological, social or economic systems and affects human health at a global and local level. We need to be able to answer the question: how do we continue to…

Submission: Senate Inquiry into Assessment and Support Services for People with ADHD

Published: 2023 National

Consumers with ADHD can find that having it diagnosed helps them make sense of their life and can provide an opportunity to consider treatment options. When there is a lack of early treatment, combined with the experience of symptoms of ADHD, this can lead to the development of other health…

Submission to ACSQHC Consultation on Draft Sustainable Healthcare Module

Published: 2023 National

The proposed Sustainable Healthcare Module (the Module) is a valuable tool that aims to assist Australian healthcare providers in establishing long-term strategies for improving environmental sustainability. It is imperative for healthcare providers to stay up to date with regards to environmental sustainability in order to safeguard the health and well-being…

Royal Australasian College of Physicians: Selection into Training Policy

Published: 2015 National

HCCA provided input into the RACP Selection in Training Policy – Stakeholder Consultation.

Council of Australian Government: Review of Medical Intern Training

Published: 2015 National

HCCA provided input into the on Review of Medical Intern Training, covering length of internship, supervision, quality and safety and specialisation of the workforce.

Commonwealth Department of Health: Electronic Health Records and Healthcare Identifiers Legislation Discussion Paper

Published: 2015 National

HCCA provided a response to the Electronic Health Records and Healthcare Identifiers Legislation Discussion Paper 2015

Commonwealth Department of Health: After-Hours Primary Health Care Review

Published: 2014 National

HCCA welcomes the opportunity to provide input into the Review into After Hours Primary Health Care Services. Our response is informed by consumer consultation for two recent bodies of work: our response to the Senate Inquiry into Out-of-Pocket Costs and a recent project with ACT Medicare Local, completing a comprehensive…

Australian Senate: Select Committee on Health

Published: 2014 National

HCCA is very pleased that the Senate Select Committee on Health has been established. Health, or being in good health is important to everyone and influences how we feel, function and participate in the community. The concepts of ‘health’ and ‘ill health’ must be understood as complex. As well as…

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