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TGA: Consultation on Use & Misuse of Opioids in Australia

Published: 2018 National

HCCA recognises that there will always be some misuse of such medications, and that the misuse of opioids is rising. However, many people in our communities use opioid medications to good effect, for relief from acute or chronic pain. HCCA seeks to ensure that those who need pain relief have…

TGA: Proposed Regulatory Scheme for Personalised Medical Devices, including 3D-Printed Devices

Published: 2019 National

Personalised medical devices and 3D-printed devices are transforming health care. These kinds of devices are allowing technology and materials to be personalised for consumers and changing health care in ways that could not previously have been envisaged. HCCA’s consultation with consumers on the proposed regulatory scheme for personalised medical devices,…

TGA: Regulation of Software, including Software as a Medical Device

Published: 2019 National

Overall, HCCA supports TGA’s proposed changes to the regulation of medical device software in Australia. Our consumers feel that the existing medical device framework does not adequately address more recent (and future) advances in technology. TGA’s consultation paper recognises a variety of issues and proposes a range of regulatory changes…

TGA: Increased Online Access to Ingredient Information

Published: 2019 National

Consumers will benefit from increased transparency of information on non-active ingredients currently included in therapeutic goods marketed in Australia. Access to information, such as ingredient information about medicines and other therapeutic goods, is part of the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights (2nd Edition).

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