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HCCA’s Health Promotion Framework

Published: 2023

This document is the framework which supports HCCA’s purpose to empower consumers to have control and understanding of their own health and increase their awareness of, and ability to influence control over, the social determinants of health in our communities.

HCCA’s Code of Conduct

Published: 2020

This Code of Conduct applies to HCCA members, consumer representatives and volunteers. The Code of Conduct aligns with our Constitution. The Code of Conduct is focused around three key areas: 1. Respect for people and the law 2. Professional and personal integrity 3. Privacy and confidentiality

Constitution of the Health Care Consumers’ Association of the ACT

Published: 2021 Local

Constitution of the Health Care Consumers’ Association of the A.C.T. Incorporated, as last amended by members on 1 September 2021.

HCCA Privacy & Confidentiality Policy

Published: 2023

This Privacy Policy outlines how HCCA manages the personal information of staff, volunteers, members and consumer representatives and members of the public. It also describes the type of personal information held, for what purposes, and how that information is collected, held, used and disclosed.

HCCA Complaints Procedure

Published: 2022

This complaints procedure provides a framework for raising and dealing with complaints or grievances which arise from the work of HCCA. As a consumer organisation, HCCA is committed to seeking and incorporating feedback from its members.

HCCA Consumer-Based Research Framework

Published: 2020

Health Care Consumers’ Association (HCCA) believes in the value of consumer-based research. We have developed this framework to guide our internal processes, and to explain our approach to external organisations undertaking health research. The Consumer-Based Research Framework defines and presents our ideal of consumer-based research. It explains what HCCA, as…

HCCA Policy Development and Response Process

Published: 2020

This chart outlines how HCCA develops our Policy Submissions.

Community Development Policy

Published: 2022 Local

This policy outlines the ways in which HCCA staff, Executive Committee and members promote collective action to reduce health inequities and contribute to the development of communities in the ACT and surrounding region.

Chart: HCCA Representative Endorsement Process

Published: 2022

This diagram outlines the way HCCA endorses consumer representatives for committees.

Consumer and Community Participation Framework

Published: 2021 Local

This is HCCA's Consumer and Community Participation Framework, which sets out our approach to consumer and community participation.

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