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Glossary of Terms for Consumer Representatives

Published: 2024

This is a helpful list of terms that you might find in meetings and papers in your role as a consumer representative.

Canberra Hospital Expansion Project – Briefing Document for Consumers

Published: 2021 Local

This document was originally created in 2021 for consumer representatives participating in design user groups for the Canberra Hospital's new Critical Services Building. It reflects what we had found in previous work, and we believe the design principles are applicable in future infrastructure projects.

A Guide for Consumers: Partnering with Health Organisations in the ACT

Published: 2022 Local

A Guide for Consumers: Partnering with Health Organisations in the ACT is for people who are motivated to advocate for positive change in the ACT’s health system, drawing on their own personal experience and knowledge.

Useful Questions to Ask as a Consumer Representative

Published: 2022

This flyer tells you some useful questions you can ask as a consumer representative on a committee.

Chart: HCCA Representative Endorsement Process

Published: 2022

This diagram outlines the way HCCA endorses consumer representatives for committees.

Committee Inductions: What does a consumer representative need to know?

Published: 2022

This handout gives an overview of what should be included when inducting a new consumer representative on to a committee.

Consumer and Community Participation Framework

Published: 2021 Local

This is HCCA's Consumer and Community Participation Framework, which sets out our approach to consumer and community participation.

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