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Submission: ACT Health Directorate Draft Disability Health Strategy

Published: 2023

HCCA is pleased to see some detail around the plans for implementation and governance (page 7). We note that the ACT Health Directorate will take the lead to steer and monitor, as well as report to the community on progress. Closing the loop with the community, and particularly with those participating in consultations and in co-design, is essential.
It is difficult to assess the likely impact of the ACT Disability Health Strategy without understanding the actions proposed to be undertaken for each Focus Area.
These actions must be designed and executed with the full involvement of consumers. The Disability Health Reference Group sounds like a positive approach to partnering with consumers on the delivery of outcomes under the Strategy but we want to be sure that consumers are represented at every level of action. We also wonder why this group has not been involved in development of the first Action Plan?
In general, we find that people with disabilities are not appropriately considered in design processes, which can result in reducing the positive impact of measures meant to support them.
One consumer shared with us their frustration with a system that does not understand the needs of people with disability:
‘The system makes assumptions about what is possible for disabled people to do and places blame on people struggling rather than proactively support and accommodate.’
Use the ‘Download Document’ button to read the full report.
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