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HCCA Statement of Priorities for the 2024 ACT Election

Published: 2024 Local

This Statement of Priorities represents our areas of focus for the 2024 ACT Election. We ask political parties and independent candidates to consider and address these priorities. HCCA’s consumer members were integrally involved in the development of these priorities. We have identified priority actions under three domains: 1. Improving consumer…

Submission to ACT Government’s 2024-25 Budget Consultation

Published: 2024 Local

HCCA wants to see the 2024-25 ACT Budget address priorities in three key domains of health: 1. improving consumer access to specific support and health services; 2. improving the integration of care within the health system; and 3. supporting the community sector to meet demand for services.

Submission: Commonwealth Government COVID-19 Response Inquiry

Published: 2023 National

HCCA's submission to this inquiry details consumer concerns around the Commonwealth COVID response, and suggests mechanisms for better targeting future responses.

Submission: Climate Change Amendment (Duty of Care and Intergenerational Climate Equity) Bill 2023

Published: 2024 National

HCCA's submission to the Senate Inquiry emphasises the impacts of climate change on health and how health equity must be considered in all public policy.

Submission: ACT Health Directorate Draft Disability Health Strategy

Published: 2023 Local

Consumers with disability can find accessing health care and having their specific health and support needs met more difficult. We strongly support the development of the ACT Disability Health Strategy to recognise and address the impediments to equity of care and access and to meet the unique needs of people…

Submission: Senate Inquiry into Assessment and Support Services for People with ADHD

Published: 2023 National

Consumers with ADHD can find that having it diagnosed helps them make sense of their life and can provide an opportunity to consider treatment options. When there is a lack of early treatment, combined with the experience of symptoms of ADHD, this can lead to the development of other health…

Submission to Northside Hospital Planning and Design Consultation

Published: 2022 Local

The Northside Hospital is a welcome opportunity to address the distinctive health needs of ACT residents living in the area. This submission has been prepared in consultation with our members and community organisations to ensure the planning and design of the hospital adequately addresses the specific health needs of ACT…

ACT Health: University of Canberra Public Hospital Service Delivery Plan

Published: 2014 Local

HCCA made a submission to the ACT Government regarding the Service Delivery Plan for UCPH. We had extensive consultation with our members on the future provision of health services in Canberra both through public forums and from individual members and membership organisations.

ACT Health: Section 2 of the RACC & UCPH Models of Care Report

Published: 2014 Local

The Health Care Consumers’ Association (HCCA) welcomes the opportunity to provide feedback on current RACC services. The information was collected in writing and through telephone and face to face interviews with HCCA members.

ACT Health: Draft ACT and Southern NSW Local Health District Cancer Services Plan 2014-2018

Published: 2014 Local

HCCA welcomes the opportunity to provide feedback on the ACT and NSW Health District Cancer Service Plan 2014 -2018. In preparing for this submission we consulted with our membership and also held a consumer consultation including a public consultation held in collaboration with ACT Health on the 10th of September…

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