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Submission to CHS Review of Spiritual Support Services

Published: 2022 Local

HCCA submission to the review of Spiritual Support Services Review at Canberra Health Services.

CHS: Draft Consumer Handout Guideline

Published: 2021 Local

HCCA has had a long involvement in the CHS Consumer Handout Committee and has supported consumers representative for many years. Consumer handouts are important resources for consumers and there was considerable interest from our members in this review.

Providing Clinical Health Services in an Off-Campus Environment Policy

Published: 2016 Local

Where care is delivered in the homes of consumers there is a balance to be struck between the needs of staff to be safe and recognition that the care setting is the person’s home and this needs to be respected. We appreciate that this policy focuses on how to manage…

CHS: Consumer Privacy & Consent

Published: 2019 Local

HCCA appreciates this opportunity to provide feedback and to partner with Canberra Health Services in ensuring that processes for consent that are clear, health literate, and meet the needs of consumers and of the organisation.

Capturing the User Experience of the Obesity Management Service

Published: 2016 Local

This study captures consumer and clinician experience of the Obesity Management Service and identifies priorities for service improvements.

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