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Submission to Inquiry into Abortion and Reproductive Choice in the ACT

Published: 2022 Local

HCCA views reproductive justice as including both the right not to have a child, through access to abortion and contraception, and the right to have a child without fear of violence or discrimination. It is vital that that the principles of reproductive justice are central in any fulsome review of…

Senate Inquiry into the Medical Complaints Process in Australia

Published: 2016 National

HCCA is pleased to provide this submission to the Senate Inquiry into the Medical Complaints Process in Australia. Robust and accessible complaints processes are essential to the delivery of a high quality, safe, Australian health system that meets health consumers’ needs and is valued by us.

Senate Inquiry on Private Health Insurance

Published: 2017 National

It’s hard for consumers to know what is covered by their private health insurance. Policies are complex and hard to compare, both for value for money and to minimise out-of-pocket costs. HCCA members have had a variety of experiences with purchasing and/or using private health insurance. This reflects a range…

ACT Legislative Assembly: Inquiry into the Future Sustainability of Health Funding in the ACT

Published: 2018 Local

HCCA’s submission to this Inquiry suggests a number of opportunities for health services, health funders and consumers to work together to change the way services are delivered – with the aim of protecting the future sustainability and viability of the health care we value. The key message HCCA communicates in…

ACT Legislative Assembly: Inquiry into Maternity Services in the ACT

Published: 2018 Local

HCCA is a member-based organisation and for this submission we consulted with our members and with the HCCA Health Policy Advisory Committee. Our submission draws on experiences shared with us by twelve mothers of babies or young children in the ACT. This submission also draws on discussions with key community…

Inquiry into the Quality of Care in Residential Aged Care Facilities in Australia

Published: 2018 National

HCCA Submission to the Australian Government House of Representatives Standing Committee on Health, Aged Care and Sport: Inquiry into the Quality of Care in Residential Aged Care Facilities in Australia. As the peak member-based consumer advocacy organisation in the ACT, the Health Care Consumers Association (HCCA) has a longstanding interest…

ACT Legislative Assembly: ACT Inquiry into End of Life Choices

Published: 2018 Local

Living is messy and so is dying. Despite our best efforts, we can rarely control the circumstances around death. This inquiry has opened an ongoing conversation about death and dying, but also quality of life, health care and palliative care. HCCA considers this to be a useful opportunity to make…

Senate Inquiry on the My Health Record System

Published: 2018 National

Our extensive consultations with consumers suggests uncertainty and distrust about the MHR system. Issues around opting-out and informed consent, more generally, are particularly contentious.

Royal Commission: Inquiry into Aged Care & Safety

Published: 2019 National

The Health Care Consumers’ Association (HCCA) is very pleased that the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety was established. The Commission will undoubtedly uncover cases where older Australian’s have not been treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. In doing so, you will give them a voice…

Inquiry into the Drugs of Dependence (Personal Use) Amendment Bill 2021

Published: 2021

The Drugs of Dependence (Personal Use) Amendment Bill 2021 (The Bill) is a taking a much-needed step in the right direction towards harm minimisation and improving community outcomes in the ACT. The evidence shows that countries that decriminalised minor drug offences saw significant financial savings, less incarceration, significant public health…

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