HCCA believes that consumer-based research involves consumers at all levels and all stages of the research process.


  • Governance
  • The conduct of research
  • Participants



  • Deciding what to research
  • Deciding how to go about the research
  • Undertaking the research
  • Disseminating the findings
  • Deciding what to do next

HCCA provides a credible consumer voice in research by

  • conducting research into consumer experiences and expectations of health and human services,
  • increasing the consumer skills and knowledge, and
  • building capacity in other organisations.


Consumer-based research benefits consumers because it

  • contributes to health care quality improvement and to better health policy and services,
  • builds consumer capacity to co-produce and lead research, and
  • raises the public and research profile of people’s lived experiences of health care.


Research in which consumers are meaningfully involved as partners is more likely to

  • be relevant to community needs,
  • deliver greater public awareness of research findings, and
  • deliver better health outcomes.

HCCA’s Consumer-Based Research Framework guides our approach research.

Last updated: 23/9/2020