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Resource List: Managing Your Medicines

Published: 2022

This resource list from our talk on Managing Your Medicines has links tips and links to help you understand and manage your medicines.

Guidelines for Prescribing Amphetamines for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Published: 2014 Local

HCCA strongly supports the position of ADDACT in the need for review of these guidelines and believes these changes ensures clarity in current protocols and practice, and increases people’s choice, opportunity and access to treatments and medicines that offer effective management of ADHD and its associated effects.

Consideration of Hepatitis treatments Sofosbuvir & Simeprevir

Published: 2014 National

HCCA supports the addition of Sofosbuvir and Simeprevir to the Australian Government’s Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). HCCA strongly advocates for the introduction of these treatments in Australia to ensure choice, opportunity and access to these medicines which present significant advantages over currently available treatment options.

ACT Health: Greater Flexibility in Prescribing Controlled Medicines

Published: 2015 Local

We are broadly supportive of the proposed items for discussion, however we feel the discussion paper is quite vague and it is difficult to get a sense of what the new draft standards will look like and how closely they will resemble the draft Controlled Medicine Prescribing Standards that were…

TGA: Consultation on Use & Misuse of Opioids in Australia

Published: 2018 National

HCCA recognises that there will always be some misuse of such medications, and that the misuse of opioids is rising. However, many people in our communities use opioid medications to good effect, for relief from acute or chronic pain. HCCA seeks to ensure that those who need pain relief have…

Nursing & Midwifery Board of Australia: Endorsement of Scheduled Medicines for Registered Nurses Prescribing in Partnership

Published: 2018

HCCA recognises that an expanded role for Registered Nurses (RNs) and Registered Midwives (RMs) in prescribing has the potential to deliver benefits to health care consumers. We fully support the Consultation Paper’s observation that many people currently experience unacceptable barriers to health care, including barriers to timely access to medicines.

TGA: Increased Online Access to Ingredient Information

Published: 2019 National

Consumers will benefit from increased transparency of information on non-active ingredients currently included in therapeutic goods marketed in Australia. Access to information, such as ingredient information about medicines and other therapeutic goods, is part of the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights (2nd Edition).

Factsheet: Stretching Your Health Dollar

Published: 2023 Local

Our factsheet contains useful information and links on how to stretch your health dollar in the ACT.

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