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Submission: Consent to Healthcare Treatment Guideline (Canberra Health Services)

Published: 2023 Local

The Canberra Health Services (CHS) Consent to Healthcare Treatment Guidelines provide guidance to clinicians and other health practitioners working within CHS. HCCA views consumer consent to healthcare treatment as a core pillar alongside quality & safety in the operation of health services. HCCA's feedback on the Guidelines emphasises the importance…

Submission: Senate Inquiry into Assessment and Support Services for People with ADHD

Published: 2023 National

Consumers with ADHD can find that having it diagnosed helps them make sense of their life and can provide an opportunity to consider treatment options. When there is a lack of early treatment, combined with the experience of symptoms of ADHD, this can lead to the development of other health…

8 Steps to Staying Safe Tipsheet

Published: 2023

This tipsheet includes 8 step to help you stay safe when you go to hospital.

Submission to ACSQHC Consultation on Draft Sustainable Healthcare Module

Published: 2023 National

The proposed Sustainable Healthcare Module (the Module) is a valuable tool that aims to assist Australian healthcare providers in establishing long-term strategies for improving environmental sustainability. It is imperative for healthcare providers to stay up to date with regards to environmental sustainability in order to safeguard the health and well-being…

Submission to Northside Hospital Planning and Design Consultation

Published: 2022 Local

The Northside Hospital is a welcome opportunity to address the distinctive health needs of ACT residents living in the area. This submission has been prepared in consultation with our members and community organisations to ensure the planning and design of the hospital adequately addresses the specific health needs of ACT…

Council of Australian Government: Review of Medical Intern Training

Published: 2015 National

HCCA provided input into the on Review of Medical Intern Training, covering length of internship, supervision, quality and safety and specialisation of the workforce.

ACT Health: Draft ACT Health Multicultural Coordinating Framework

Published: 2014 Local

HCCA provided feedback on the draft ACT Health Multicultural Coordinating Framework to support better access to culturally appropriate health services for culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) community members in the ACT and surrounding region.

Feedback on the Chemotherapy Education Checklist

Published: 2014 Local

The document is extremely comprehensive, highlighting areas that many patients indicate they have lacked information on when using cancer services. HCCA applauds the creation of this document as an important part of insuring adequate support and information is given to health care consumers and their families.

ACT Health: Smoke-Free Environment Policy

Published: 2014 Local

HCCA supports the implementation of this policy, however has some concerns around the support for visitors of ACT Health facilities, and how to address non-compliance with the policy for visitors. Whist the strategy for staff and patients is well developed, there is not a clear strategy or description of resources…

Guidelines for Prescribing Amphetamines for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Published: 2014 Local

HCCA strongly supports the position of ADDACT in the need for review of these guidelines and believes these changes ensures clarity in current protocols and practice, and increases people’s choice, opportunity and access to treatments and medicines that offer effective management of ADHD and its associated effects.

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