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Submission: Commonwealth Government COVID-19 Response Inquiry

Published: 2023 Health Service Planning Inquiries

HCCA's submission to this inquiry details consumer concerns around the Commonwealth COVID response, and suggests mechanisms for better targeting future responses.

ACT Government: ACT Budget 2022-23

Published: 2022 Budget Consultations

HCCA's submission to the 2022-23 ACT Budget consultation.

HCCA Response to ACT Budget 2022-23

Published: 2022 Budget Consultations

The 2022-23 ACT Budget was released on Tuesday 2 August 2022 by Andrew Barr MLA, Chief Minister and Treasurer of the ACT. The Budget papers can be found here: https://www.treasury.act.gov.au/budget/budget-2022-23 HCCA made a pre-budget submission to the Government, also available on our website, highlighting a range of potential investments in…

Submission to CHS Review of Spiritual Support Services

Published: 2022 Canberra Health Services

HCCA submission to the review of Spiritual Support Services Review at Canberra Health Services.

Submission to Northside Hospital Planning and Design Consultation

Published: 2022 Health Infrastructure Health Service Planning Quality and Safety in Health Care

The Northside Hospital is a welcome opportunity to address the distinctive health needs of ACT residents living in the area. This submission has been prepared in consultation with our members and community organisations to ensure the planning and design of the hospital adequately addresses the specific health needs of ACT…

Submission to Inquiry into Abortion and Reproductive Choice in the ACT

Published: 2022 Inquiries

HCCA views reproductive justice as including both the right not to have a child, through access to abortion and contraception, and the right to have a child without fear of violence or discrimination. It is vital that that the principles of reproductive justice are central in any fulsome review of…

CHS: Draft Consumer Handout Guideline

Published: 2021 Canberra Health Services Health Literacy/Patient Information

HCCA has had a long involvement in the CHS Consumer Handout Committee and has supported consumers representative for many years. Consumer handouts are important resources for consumers and there was considerable interest from our members in this review.

Inquiry into the Drugs of Dependence (Personal Use) Amendment Bill 2021

Published: 2021 Inquiries Quality and Safety in Health Care

The Drugs of Dependence (Personal Use) Amendment Bill 2021 (The Bill) is a taking a much-needed step in the right direction towards harm minimisation and improving community outcomes in the ACT. The evidence shows that countries that decriminalised minor drug offences saw significant financial savings, less incarceration, significant public health…

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